This page quickly explain what is, and provides some resources.

If you are looking for a mirror, use the redirector instead

Use to automatically get the best mirror based on your geographic and network location.

What is are the main mirrors used to distribute (the packages repositories, but not necessarily the cd images). - Official information related to Debian Mirrors

Which ftp server to use ?

Many people seem to think that is the canonical location of Debian packages and that it will be best for them to use that site for apt or for mirroring. This is *not true*. is merely one of several servers that get updated from an internal Debian server. That address is presently located on a single server in the United States, and it still exists mainly for backwards compatibility.

In the future, it may get services reduced, or shut down, or converted into a globally load-balanced name, or whatever. Please don't use it.

If you're using it now, please switch to a country-based DNS name such as,,, ... The list of those servers is at (quote from Josip Rodin on debian-devel-announce).

don't use

Do not use, see :

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