Email: <fr33domlover AT SPAMFREE riseup DOT net>

An average person, trying to help make the world a bit more free and beautiful. A home user of Debian GNU/Linux. Computer related activity so far, just in case you are curious: Run several services on a home server, translate software and a bit of web pages from English to Hebrew, write some source code (see website), create video and audio torrents using free formats (WebM and Ogg).

I am a vegan, which means I avoid products whose production involves suffering and death of animals in the commercial animal industry. By not using them, I help lower the demand for those products and industries, and build a society in which one's joy doesn't depend on another's suffering. This movement is growing, one person at a time. As to the time of writing I just started a few weeks ago, but feel free to ask me anything :-)