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I've created a bootchart for the EeePC boot up. This EeePC is runnging EeePC Debian and I have removed the following packages as I don't need them on such a small computer:

I'm using GDM to start an XFCE environment. Currently the EeePC takes 31 seconds to boot as is shown in the chart below. [I'm sorry for the lousy makeup of this page]

Currently I see 2 sore spots:

They all seem udev related. I don't know the ins and outs of udev, but maybe the following helps:


but net.agent sits in /lib/udev/

A don't have that file on my Ubuntu system, is it **really** needed on the Eee?

Optionally remove it and boot see what happens to the system on the boot time


Where does this sleep come from? Also from udev, or somewhere else?


udevsettle can optionally have a timeout. So /etc/rcS.d/S03udev can be edited on a --timeout 5 can be added to udevsettle. Again I have no idea what would happen to the booting of the EeePC.


Why does this take so long?

sudo chmod -x /sbin/hwclock -> boot time DROPS to 20 seconds. See Bootchart: no hwclock

Btw: why are there hwclock init scripts:

Bootchart: hwclock disabled


Bootchart: net.agent disabled

I'm seeing no adverse effects, BUT it still takes 31 seconds.


Bootchart: original