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page name vs content

Hello, The page title is Console, which really is the basic interface of a system... Typically it's the interface where boot log is displayed. For example, on some system, this is a serial console. Also, many Unix system, it was possible to remotely access a system using physical terminals (see VT100, VT220).

On Linux (Debian), almost nobody actually uses the Console, and very few people use terminal. Instead people use a Virtual-Console or, in most cases a virtual terminal (under X-Window).

I don't know which is the most appropriate term to instruct people to type a command in a $THING. (Gnome use the term "Terminal"). In doubt, we could ask on debian-doc mailing list.

Anyway, I think that the page name isn't appropriate for it's content.

My 2¢,

-- FranklinPiat 2009-09-13 09:44:49

Hello, when I build this page I only translated the english version. But in fact the good name (I think) is CLI (Command Line Interface), but is not really exact (screen have not a command line interface I think). In french we tells of « interface en mode text », but I don't know how tells it in english.

* (synonym of terminal) *

Yes, I think Terminal is the good word.

I don't know if you want change the name of this page. Move the english page to good name and I will make same with the french version without problems.

-- MichelBarret 2009-09-15 11:40:24