Users and use cases

Home Server

Felicia Basicssen is mother of 2 chidren.

She's read about the privacy abuses of online service providers and wants to avoid them.

She needs to

Previously she used dropbox, google calendar, and google contacts.

Now she uses

Later on, she discovered miniDNLA and very much likes to play her music in her smart TV knowing that nobody else knows what or when she plays.

Home Router

Fabio Bridgio feels more comfortable with computers and electronic gadjets. So he goes 1 step further using FB as home rooter. This way he can Control internet exposure filtering adds and search bubbles.

Family Server

Franck Buddy is a hobbyist geek. Likes free software and is aware of privacy issues. Wants to help his friends and family to escape from big brother.

He hosts a FB and provides services to them via the internet:

For that he consumes:

Franck hosts a ?YunoHost server as well for services not yet packaged in Debian (and therefore not unavailable in FreedomBox) but also runs a FreedomBox because is skeptic about Yunohost's sustainability. For many services (e.g ephimerous ones) that's not a problem, but for others (that store sensitive data) it is.

Clandesine Activism

Freya Buster is a political clandestine activist.