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Noticias para desarrolladores Debian

Esta página wiki recopila pequeñas noticias que todos los desarrolladores deberían conocer pero que no valen la pena un mail dedicado a debian-devel-announce. Sigue la plantilla "Ejemplo de noticias" y añade tus noticias debajo. Consulte ?Ayuda para obtener más información sobre cómo escribir entradas.

Si puede publicar en debian-devel-announce (todos los miembros de Debian pueden hacerlo) y hay 5 o más elementos a continuación, puede que desee enviar las noticias. Para enviar un nuevo número, puede usar este script de apoyo para generar la versión de correo electrónico de esta página. Después de generar el mail, reléalo, corríja errores ortográficos, de formato o gramaticales y envíe el mail. Una vez que el correo es enviado y archivado, por favor borre los artículos que fueron enviados, agregue un enlace al correo archivado en la sección Noticias previas y mencione el correo en ProjectNews.

Ejemplo de noticias

Este es un ejemplo de noticias. Cópielo y edite el título, contenido y firma... Puede utilizar enlaces como este. Ponga noticias veraces debajo de este ejemplo.

-- Su nombre

Noticias de desarrolladores en inglés

Call for architecture porters for Debian bookworm

The Debian release team have put out a call for porters for Debian bookworm. If you are using any CPU architectures other than amd64 (which has an exemption) such as i386, ARM, POWER or all the less popular architectures, please consider contributing towards popcon submissions, testing packages, running testing/unstable systems, fixing toolchain issues, triaging/fixing bugs, testing/fixing d-i or maintaining/providing hardware for the architectures you care about. If you are already doing these activities or intend to do these activities for particular architectures, please respond to the release team mail with the info requested by them before January 1st 2022.

For information about the activities involved in porting Debian, see the documentation linked from the ports page on the wiki and especially the guide for creating new ports.

-- Paul Wise

New Debian mailing list

The Debian listmasters have recently created this new mailing list:

  • debian-clojure: for discussions of packaging Clojure and projects implemented in it. Clojure is a dynamic and functional dialect of the Lisp programming language on the JVM.

-- Paul Wise

Salsa project for asking autopkgtest questions

The Debian CI team would like to encourage and help more maintainers to add autopkgtest support to their packages. To that effect, there is now the autopkgtest-help repository on salsa, where maintainers can ask questions related to testing their packages by opening issues.

-- Antonio Terceiro

/sbin/raw dropped from util-linux

Linux 5.14 dropped the "raw" block/char device driver, and also broke building the raw(8) utility program. util-linux in bookworm/sid has dropped this binary. Given the very generic name, it is impossible to find any users. If you maintain a package using /sbin/raw, please make the appropriate changes.

-- Chris Hofstaedtler

rsync.net offers storage for Debian Developers

rsync.net now offers gratis backup storage for all active Debian Developers. Signing up will currently give a 500 GB free-forever account with 7 daily snapshots.

This is one of several benefits that are offered to Debian members and contributors.

-- Paul Wise

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