Administrative tools in Debian range from small tools that administrate small portions of the system(like fdisk) to complete system administrative tools such as linuxconf and Webmin.

Algunas pequeñas y útiles herramientas

?rcconf -- Permite configurar fácilmente los servicios que son ejecutados al iniciar el sistema. Por ejemplo, si no quiere que se ejecute el entorno gráfico después de iniciar el sistema quite las marcas de xdm, gdm y/o kdm.

modconf -- Modconf utiliza una interface ncurses para instalar y configurar controladores de dispositivos

cfengine -- Provides a "rule engine" where you describe how your system(s) are to be configured/managed, and it goes off and applies these rules, doing incremental updates to system configuration. cfengine really comes into its own as you move from managing dozens of hosts towards hundreds. In such situations, logging in on each system to modify DNS configuration will not turn out well; you NEED automation!