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Debian source control file – .dsc. This file contains a series of fields, identified and separated just like the fields in the control file of a binary package. The fields are listed below:

• Source

• Version

• Maintainer

• Binary

• Architecture

• Build-Depends et al. (source package interrelationships)

• Standards-Version

• Files

The source package control file is generated by dpkg-source when it builds the source archive.

Sources are normally not installed. You can only install them if you know the package name. When installing the sources of a debian package, a package ending on .dsc (description) is downloaded along with an original ["tar ball"] and a debian specific ["diff"] (compressed). The .dsc will contain the name of the package, both, in its filename as well as content (after the Source: keyword).

To unpack a source package it is typically invoked with

["dpkg-source"] -x .../path/to/filename.dsc

with the filename.tar.gzand filename.diff.gz(if applicable) in the same directory. It unpacks into package-version, and if applicable package-version.orig, in the current directory.