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Discover is a hardware identification system based on the libdiscover2 library. Discover provides a flexible interface that programs can be used to report a wide range of information about the hardware that is installed on a GNU/Linux system. In addition to reporting information, Discover includes support for doing hardware detection at boot time.

The Discover hardware detection library uses XML data files to describe software interfaces to various ATA, PCI, PCMCIA, SCSI, and USB devices. While the Discover library can retrieve data from anywhere on the net, it is often convenient to have a set of Discover XML data files on one's system; thus, this package.

This package also contains files in a legacy format for the benefit of users of an older version of Discover, Discover 1.x. The libdiscover1 library requires this package to look up information about various hardware devices using the identification data that they report. It contains data detailing various PCI, PCMCIA, and USB devices.

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