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  The current source of debian-cd can be found here:   The current source of debian-cd can be viewed here:
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http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/debian-cd/trunk/ https://salsa.debian.org/images-team/debian-cd

  And checked out from


Current debian-cd structure

  • The current source of debian-cd can be viewed here:


  • And checked out from


This list tries to describe the files and dirs of the top directory of debian-cd.

o build_all.sh

  • Script to build everything possible (sources and binaries for all archs)

o build.sh

  • Script to build one arch

o CONF.sh

  • Configuration file Necessary configuration:
    • o CODENAME - typically "sarge", "etch" or "sid" o DEBVERSION - the version number to go with that codename o OFFICIAL - do not claim to be making official Debian CDs here! o MIRROR - specify the absolute path to your mirror of the Debian archive o TDIR - a path to a temporary directory; should be on the same filesystem as MIRROR so that hard links work o OUT - the directory where ISO images and/or jigdo files will be created o APTTMP - another temporary directory for layout code; can live anywhere

o data/

  • Misc data (pics, udebs to include and to exclude, files that depends on a architecture,...)

o debian/

  • common files of a debian package (changelog, control, dirs, rules, ...)

o docs/

  • Some documents..

o Makefile

  • Main Makefile (build.sh and build_all.sh calls this makefile multiples times)


  • Doc

o README.devel

  • Doc

o tasks/

  • A task is a list of packages to include. There are many files under this directory that describe differents sets:
    • base-$DISTRO debian-installer-$DISTRO task-full-$DISTRO
    • ..

o tools/

  • Many scripts for doing "things" in perl and bash. Each distro has upgrade.sh and installtools.sh at least.

o update-cd

  • create update CDs