Debci UI mockups

This page contains UI mockups for debci.

Note: Most images are 1920x1080 in resolution.

Existing pages

Debci homepage

The homepage displays packages that recently changed status. The page also allows for browse by prefix and package search. main.svg

Another mockup: new_mockup.svg

Current screenshot of this page: homepage.png

New homepage: homepage_test.png

Current screenshot of package search: search.png

Debci status page

This page displays the data charts for each suite/architecture that is known to debci. The pass/fail and pass percentage charts are displayed with each architecture in a row and each suite in a column.

Screenshot of pass/fail charts: data_charts.png

Screenshot of pass percentage charts: data_charts_percent.png

If no Javascript is available, it shows the current number of passing, failing, and tmpfail packages. Screenshot: no_js.png

Debci package listing page

The package listing page displays all the packages currently known to the debci instance.

By choosing a prefix from the sidebar, the packages under that prefix are displayed.

Current screenshot of this page: packagelist.png

A blank package listing is displayed when going to /packages/ Screenshot: blank_package_list.png

Debci package page

A package page displays the latest status for a package on each architecture and suite it was tested on. package.svg

Current screenshot of this page: package_page.png

Debci package history page

The package history page displays the past testing history of a package. history.svg

Current screenshot of this page: history.png

New modified history page: newhistory1.png newhistory2.png

If the history cannot be displayed because of a JSON error, a message is displayed.

Current screenshot: history_JSON.png

Debci documentation page

The Debci documentation page shows information about how to setup a local instance of debci, how debci works, and contact/licensing information.

Current screenshot of this page: documentation.png

Debci Site Map

The site map shows how the Debci web UI will work. sitemap.jpg

GSoC 2014 project by Brandon F.

New unofficial page mockups

Maintainer overview page

The maintainer view displays the packages for a specific maintainer on

Maintainer page mockup: maintainer_page.svg

Current Screenshot: maintainer_overview.png

Package tmpfail list

Displays a list of packages and the release/platform(s) on which each package is tmpfailing.

Current screenshot: tmpfail_list.png