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 * '''Where is the code?'''
  . Here: [[http://git.recluse.de/?p=debian/go.debian.net.git]]

 * '''Where is the documentation in the code?'''
  . Not yet written. Patches are welcome!

 * '''Is there an example JSON-RPC Client?'''
  . Yes, here:

deb.li documentation

deb.li is a shortURL service for Debian related usage, hosted and developed by BerndZeimetz. The service is also available under the domain go.debian.net. To ensure that deb.li is not used by random spammers, adding new URLs is limited to a json-rpc web-interface for now, which is only accessible from a limited list of IPs.


  • Which hosts are allowed to access the json-rpc interface

    • merkel.debian.org
    • master.debian.org
    •,, 2001:41B8:202::/48 (Debian networks @ MAN-DA)
    • alioth.debian.org
  • I'd like to add new URLs from a different host

  • Is it ok to add a huge amount of URLs automatically

    • Basically - yes. But please make sure it doesn't end up in DOSing the service. It is appreciated if you would contact BerndZeimetz (bzed@debian.org) before adding a huge amount of URLs, maybe there is a faster and/or better way than the json-rpc interface.

  • Will there be other ways to add URLs to the service?

    • An email-gateway is planned, but not implemented yet. It will accept gpg-signed control mails, similar to db.debian.org.
  • Is there a bugtracker?

  • Is there a preview page of the short URLs available?

  • Where is the code?

  • Where is the documentation in the code?

    • Not yet written. Patches are welcome!
  • Is there an example JSON-RPC Client?

    • Yes, here:

JSON-RPC API documentation

The json-rpc URL is http://deb.li/rpc/json. The following functions are provided:

  • add_url(url)

  • add_static_url(url, key)

  • get_url(key)

url is the URL which should be shortened and key the key part of the short URL. Please note that the API is not declared as stable yet.