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A feature request rather than a bug, but would it be possible to allow short URLs to be created from anywhere if they point to a Debian URL (e.g. I'd like to send a short URL to someone but I don't have access to any of the hosts on the list. PaulWaring

Hey Bernd, with python-sqlalchemy 0.6.1 some things have changed and so the code does not work anymore ( will fail to start). I have two small fixes that makes the code work again. I have uploaded the patch to patch-for-debli-startup.patch is mangling some percent-encoded characters. For example:

jwilk@moszumanska:~$ ~bzed/godebian-client/add_url ''
jwilk@moszumanska:~$ curl -s --include '' | grep -m1 ^Location

Note that %2B has been replaced with + in the query string, but these are entirely different things: the former denotes the plus character, while the latter denotes the space character.

There is a patch series from Paul Wise attached to this page: [....]

What does it mean when godebian-client/add_static_url returns None? I tried the following:

jello@master:~$ ~pollo/godebian-client/add_static_url DPT_Policy

-- JoeNahmias 2022-07-07