Name: Carlos Donizete Froes | Nickname: coringao | City: Poa | State: Sao Paulo | Country: Brazil

I was born in August of 1975 in the city of the Poa, Sao Paulo/Brazil, technician in software and the hardware since 1999, in configurations of the net for systems of Windows® and since 2003 with linux (distribution of linux: Conectiva 9 and 10).

User Ubuntu since the end of year 2005 with the version Ubuntu 5.04 - Hoary Hedgehog, later stopped to use the other Linux distributions and started (automatic device of entrance) to the community Ubuntu Brazil.

I say that the advanced Portuguese and write the basic English, and since 2005 come to help to the Brazilian community in the conversation of #ubuntu-br of the IRC.

Now user Debian Gnu/Linux (starting from Squeeze) and contributing to beginners and experienced users to the website "Debian Dicas" and "Debian Games".


Personal Email: coringao at riseup dot net

IRC: coringao (#debian-br, #debian-devel-br, #debian-games, #debian-mentors)
Jabber: coringao at jabber dot org

GPG KEY: 4096R/B638B780
Fingerprint: 2157 630B D441 A775 BEFF D35F FA63 ADA6 B638 B780

Website Debian Dicas (Brazilian):

Website Debian Games (Brazilian):

Why Debian Gnu/Linux and which objective about Debian Dicas/Debian Games?



{*} I chose Debian as the main Gnu/Linux distribution as I identify with it for the idea of promoting simple and efficient operating system for the users. I also thank the community that had a strong weight in my decision, and without a doubt is opened to suggestions and, is clearly, contributions.

{*} It is very important to guide and give tips on how to use, because this is a critical factor for more people to migrate from using the Windows ® platform for Linux. Gnu/Linux always was criticized by all the people that find it bad or complicated, saying that there is very few the options of amusement in it; as the majority of the games is only released for Windows®.

{*} Then the objective is to help with tutoriais, illustrations, hints of Installations and configurations of the best games for the Debian GNU/Linux system.

Testimonies as Member Ubuntu

{*} Carlos Donizete is a great friend, he also does a great job with Ubuntu Games project. Ubuntu Games Project is responsible by many gamers come to Ubuntu Linux. The IUG (Ubuntu Games Installer) is his newest project and is just the best idea i ever seen. I recommend Carlos Donizete to become an Ubuntu Member! -- LedStyle

{*} Coringao (aka Carlos Donizete) is one of the more hard working members I have ever seen in the Brazilian team. He hasn't done the usual translation and documentation work, but he has created a whole new sub community with Ubuntu Games. His site and work has been complimented by people from all around the world. Also, he has been doing lots of advocating in national FOSS events showing users that they can also have fun on Ubuntu. On the biggest events he should have a booth of his own, as there are dozens of people looking for him at each instant. He is a GREAT asset for the Brazilian community and a very important piece for Ubuntu and FOSS grow in the gamers community. I have to give him my best recommendations possible for a membership. -- MarioMeyer

{*} Coringao did an excellent work with Ubuntu Games. I met him at FISL'08, and support him to become an Ubuntu Member. -- AndreGondim