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All chroot does is, for all [[ChildProcess]]es, replace the [[root_directory]] with the one specified. All chroot does is, for all child processes, replace the root directory with the one specified.

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All chroot does is, for all child processes, replace the root directory with the one specified.

Setting up a network inside a chroot /tmp/custom/debian-live/chroot/

sudo mount -o bind /sys /tmp/custom/debian-live/chroot/sys
sudo mount -o bind /proc /tmp/custom/debian-live/chroot/proc
sudo chroot /tmp/custom/debian-live/chroot/

Now in the chroot you might need to reset the ?network in order for the route/dns stuff to be setup.

dhclient eth0

This is useful for testing and configuring a system that is to be deployed, e.g.DebianLive.

Build a chroot

  • Debootstrap : Setting up another complete Debian install inside a chroot.

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