French Debian user approximately since etch, I have familiarity with technical wikis and wanted to give the one dedicated to my favorite system a little push.

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Hi, developer of Gnome Subtitles here. Adding a question on this page as instructed in . I Recently came across your subtitling apps page and would like to ask if you could share some details on this bug that you've found:

This hasn't been reported before, so could you send me an example? You may be looking at the BOM file in UTF-8, which used to be inserted by default but isn't anymore (just did this fix today). Thanks in advance.

Hi Pedro, that sentence was not written by me, but by a former contributor of the wiki page, it dates from prior to 2009 ( ; see revision 12 and prior by xerakko). I left it in case it was still valid, but I added the date so people have a clue the bug might not be valid anymore. Good luck with further developments!