My name is Christopher Goldman.

I am a software developer, living in Oakland, CA. I design software, and write Perl, Java, and some Lisp code.

I am a voracious reader, of Speculative Fiction, my weekly Economist, old and new fiction classics, and Scientific American and Dr. Dobb's, when I can squeeze them in.

I have been married for 7 years (as of 2003), and have a son who just turned 1 year old.

My introduction to Linux was through Debian; my friend Jesse Montrose helped me learn what I needed to know, and ever since, I have been running Debian testing on my servers, and Debian unstable on my laptop. I love how easy apt makes administration of my machines, and rather than believe blindly that free software is better than the non-free variety, I have had proved to me over and over again how much more stable and robust it is than, say, Windows on my wife's laptop, or on my own (it is dual-boot).