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ERROR_NO_PACKAGE — The user has requested to install or remove a package which doesn't exist

Package does not exist

Check the spelling of the package name, and that the appropriate repository is enabled.

There’s no package named “X” in your current software sources.



ERROR_PACKAGE_UNAUTHENTICATED — The signing key of the repository owner ist not installed. This error can also occur if

Requires installation of untrusted packages

The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources.

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Failed to download package files

Check your Internet connection.

“X” could not be installed because it could not be downloaded.

Check your Internet connection, or try again later.

“Cancel” “Retry”


Previous installation hasn't been completed

The installation could have failed because of an error in the corresponding software package or it was cancelled in an unfriendly way. You have to repair this before you can install or remove any further software.

Replace this error with automatically running dpkg --configure -a, and show a separate error if that fails.


Package isn't installed

There isn't any need for a removal.

“X” can’t be removed because it isn’t installed.




Task cannot be monitored or controlled

The connection to the daemon was lost. Most likely the background daemon crashed.

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The package system is broken

Check if you are using third party repositories. If so disable them, since they are a common source of problems. Furthermore run the following command in a Terminal: apt-get install -f

“X” can’t be installed because there is a serious problem with the software catalog.

If repairing it doesn’t work, try removing third-party channels in Software Sources.

“Software Sources…”        “Cancel” “Repair”

“X” can’t be removed because there is a serious problem with the software catalog.


Package operation failed

The installation or removal of a software package failed.

“X” can’t be installed because of an error we can’t figure out. Sorry.



“X” can’t be removed because of an error we can’t figure out. Sorry.



The selected key couldn't be removed. Check that you provided a valid fingerprint.

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Package is already installed

There isn't any need for an installation

“X” is already installed.




An unhandlable error occured

There seems to be a programming error in aptdaemon, the software that allows you to install/remove software and to perform other package management related tasks. Please report this error at and retry.

Sorry, there was an error while changing the installed software.

If you are familiar with reporting software bugs, you can help us improve by reporting this problem.

“Report Bug…” “OK”


Package dependencies cannot be resolved

This error could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable. Furthermore there could be a conflict between software packages which are not allowed to be installed at the same time.

“X” can’t be installed, because it requires other items that can’t be installed.

> Details


Failed to load the package list

This is a serious problem. Try again later. If this problem appears again, please report an error to the developers.

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Failed to download repository information

Check your Internet connection.

The software catalog can’t be updated because it can’t be downloaded.

Check your Internet connection, or try again later.

“Cancel” “Retry”


Failed to remove essential system package

You requested to remove a package which is an essential part of your system.

“X” can’t be removed because it is a core part of the operating system.




Failed to lock the package manager

Check if you are currently running another software management tool, e.g. Synaptic or aptitude. Only one tool is allowed to make changes at a time.

Installed software can’t be changed now because another package manager is running.

Close programs like Synaptic and Terminal, and wait for any software updates to finish, then try again.

“Cancel” “Retry”


Key was not removed

The selected file may not be a GPG key file or it might be corrupt.

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Package is already up-to-date

There isn't any need for an update.

“X” is already up to date.