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Email: [[MailTo(angrykeyboarder AT DELETE-THE-CAPSangrykeyboarder DOT com)]] Email: <<MailTo(angrykeyboarder AT DELETE-THE-CAPSangrykeyboarder DOT com)>>
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 *[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Angrykeyboarder Everything you wanted to know about me (Wikipedia User page).]
 *[http://angrykeyboarder.com|My Web site (angrykeyboarder.com)]
 *[http://del.icio.us/angrykeyboarderMy del.icio.us links.]
 *[http://del.icio.us/angrykeyboarder/debian My del.icio.us Debian links.]
 *[http://del.icio.us/angrykeyboarder My del.icio.us Linux links.]
 *[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Angrykeyboarder|Everything you wanted to know about me (Wikipedia User page).]]
 *[[http://angrykeyboarder.com|My|Web site (angrykeyboarder.com)]]
 *[[http://del.icio.us/angrykeyboarderMy|del.icio.us links.]]
 *[[http://del.icio.us/angrykeyboarder/debian|My del.icio.us Debian links.]]
 *[[http://del.icio.us/angrykeyboarder|My del.icio.us Linux links.]]

(a/k/a: "Scott")

Email: <angrykeyboarder AT DELETE-THE-CAPSangrykeyboarder DOT com>

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