The purpose of this page is to demonstrate that amd64 meets the architecture recertification criteria for etch.

If some of these requirements are irrelevant or implausible for the port, please add a waiver request indicating why and how this isn't a problem for the arch in bold.


The architecture is publicly available without NDAs via:

  1. AMD

  2. Intel

Developer machines

The following machines are available to developers:

  1. pergolesi.debian.org - maintained by DSA, connectivity via freenet-ag.de.

  2. ravel.hpc2n.umu.se - maintained by Mattias Wadenstein (local admin) and Tollef Fog Heen (remote admin), connectivity by University of Umeå, sweden

Port maintainers

The Debian port is maintained by the following developers, who are familiar with arch-specific issues for this port

  1. Kurt Roeckx
  2. Frederik Schüler
  3. Tollef Fog Heen
  4. Mattias Wadenstein
  5. Joerg Jaspert
  6. Wesley J. Landaker -- I guess I'm not an offical port maintainer, but I'm a Debian Developer and my primary machine is an amd64, I build and test all of my packages on amd64 first, then "port" them to i386 to upload to Debian. I also have reported numerous bugs specific to amd64 problems and have tried to help fix them where possible.
  7. Aaron M. Ucko -- what Wesley said.


The port is being actively used at the following sites:

  1. We have single amd64 install used by ~30 users. --?DamyanIvanov

  2. I can vouch for about 10 amd64 users on machines I maintain. --?WesleyLandaker

  3. Currently I maintain one amd64 machine with 5 users. --?SvenHartge

  4. At 2005-10-11 we have 155 unique logins (excluding system logins) to the Sarek cluster at HPC2N since 2005-08-25.
  5. ...

Popcon indicates 3373 users of the architecture as at 2007/02/23.


The installer is being maintained by Kurt Roeckx and it's currently working effectively. Successful installation reports are available at: ...

Upstream support

Upstream support is provided by:

Archive coverage and Autobuilder support

Archive cleanliness

The port builds from unmodified Debian source.


The following machines run buildds for the port:


The security team have noted the following problems in supporting the architecture:

The Debian admin team have noted the following problems in supporting the architecture:

The release team have noted the following problems in supporting the architecture: