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 * lios http://linux-intelligent-ocr-solution.googlecode.com/files/linux_Intelligent_Ocr_Solution_1.1.deb  * lios http://sourceforge.net/projects/lios/?source=navbar https://gitlab.com/Nalin-x-Linux/lios-3

This page is for internal use by the Debian accessibility team. For documentation on accessibility in Debian, please look at the accessibility page.

Accessibility autostart

Notes about packaging

  • pkg-a11y project on alioth, we usually use git repositories.
  • speakup: speakup_decpc is not free, that's why we use a dfsg branch. To release a newer upstream version, pull the upstream branch from the dfsg branch, then pull the dfsg branch from the debian branch, then run git-buildpackage --git-tag --git-upstream-branch=dfsg
  • liblouis*: import tarballs to the upstream-import branch (git-import-orig file.tar.gz --upstream-branch=upstream-import), then pull into the upstream branch and discard the conflicts in generated files which we do not ship in the .orig.tar.gz


Testing scenarii (see explanation on http://lists.debian.org/debian-accessibility/2013/10/msg00026.html)


What is the status of this? the web page claims the repo is at https://googlecode.com/hg/ but that's an empty hg repo. Is developement happening somewhere else?

afaik a11y support for mono is packaged, is there more to package / update or is testing still needed for this?


More generic details on http://brl.thefreecat.org/wiki/Installer

  • Tune accessibility support in the liveCD.
  • Add brltty/speakup parameters preseed support?
  • Create a webpage that generates preseed files according to the hardware selected by the user in a form.
  • Another way is putting parameters in the iso itself:


  • Add AT-SPI and Orca/gok to debian installer
  • speakup translations should be loaded automatically according to installation locale, at least
  • desktop qualification: DebianDesktop/Requalification/Jessie



Accessibility archive section?

  • braille translation programs (could be text)
    • dots (currently gnome)
    • liblouis*
    • natbraille
  • screen readeers (usually admin)
    • brltty (currently admin)
    • screader (currently text)
    • speakup (currently admin)
    • espeakup (currently admin)
    • yasr (currently admin)
    • console-braille (currently utils)
    • emacspeak (currently editors)
    • speechd-el (currently editors)
  • gnome (could be gnome)
    • libgail-gnome-module (currently libs)
    • gnome-accessibility-themes (currently gnome)
    • gnome-orca (currently gnome)
    • gnome-mag (currently x11)
  • kde (could be kde)
    • kmag (currently utils)
    • kmousetool (currently utils)
    • kmouth (currently utils)
    • kttsd (currently utils)
  • x11
    • big-cursor (currently x11)
    • xzoom (currently x11)
  • input
    • cellwriter (currently gnome)
    • dasher (currently x11)
    • gok (currently gnome)
    • mousetweaks (currently gnome)
    • gnome-mousetrap (currently gnome)
    • mozilla-mozgest (currently web)
    • wayv (currently x11)
    • xvkbd (currently x11)
  • speechrecognition (could be sound)
    • sphinx2-bin (currently sound)
    • gnome-voice-control
    • perlbox
  • speechsynthesis (could be sound)
    • eflite, flite (courrently sound)
    • espeak (currently sound)
    • epos (currently sound)
    • festival (currently sound)
    • gnome-speech-*
    • recite (currently sound)
    • saydate, saytime (currently sound)
    • speech-dispatcher, speech-tools (currently sound)
    • speech-dispatcher-festival (currently sound)
    • mbrola (currently sound)
    • gespeaker (currently sound)
    • daisy-player (currently sound)
    • epos (currently sound)
    • libttspico-utils (currently sound)
    • freetts (currently java)
    • sonic (currently sound)
  • devel
    • accerciser (currently gnome)
  • ocr software?
    • gocr (currently graphics
    • hocr-gtk (currently graphics)
    • tesseract-ocr (currently graphics)
    • ttf-ocr-a (currently fonts)
    • cuneiform (currently graphics)


  • brltty for newer hardware support
  • speech-dispatcher with pico support (>> 0.7.1)

  • gnome-orca