Marc "Zugschlus" Haber

Zugschlu├č is the German word for a train's tail signal which plays an important role in railroad safety systems. With its 8bit char removed and truncated to ?IRCnet's former 9 character limit, Zugschlus has become my nickname for most of my network related activities since 2000.

I have been a DebianDeveloper since 2001. Besides being maintainer for a number of less important packages, I am member of the maintainer team for some other and more important packages, most prominently adduser, the script Debian uses to create user accounts, and exim4, the default MTA for Debian sarge.

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How to find me on the Network

For bi-directional communication, you can reach me using one of the following media:

Zugschlus' Helper Scripts

I intend to publish some of my helper scripts that are too small to form a "real" Debian package here real soon now.

Zugschlus' Nifty Admin Tricks

This future page will contain a list of the admin tricks I use on my server systems to easy my daily work. The following list gives an overview about what will be described here RSN.

Random Stuff

Incomplete List of Wiki Pages I feel responsible for

visitor comments

Hello, I have substantially modified the ?ModuleAssistantHints page (As i agreed that m-a deserves better promotion), then renamed it ModuleAssistant (as there were no other m-a page). I hope your comfortable with those changes, otherwise, your modification are welcome. -- @SIG