Marc "Zugschlus" Haber

Zugschluss is the German word for a train's tail signal which plays an important role in railroad safety systems. Truncated to ?IRCnet's former 9 character limit, Zugschlus has become my nickname for most of my network related activities since the Millennium.

I became a DebianDeveloper in 2001. I am maintainer of a number of less important packages, and member of the maintainer team for some other and more important packages, most prominently sudo, aide and atop. In the past, I have contributed to adduser, the script Debian uses to create user accounts, and exim4, Debian's default MTA since the Sarge release.

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How to find me on the Network

For bi-directional communication, you can reach me using one of the following media:

Zugschlus' Helper Scripts

I intend to publish some of my helper scripts that are too small to form a "real" Debian package here real soon now.

Zugschlus' Nifty Admin Tricks

This future page will contain a list of the admin tricks I use on my server systems to easy my daily work. The following list gives an overview about what will be described here RSN.

Random Stuff

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