Zope2 Packaging IRC Meeting

The last Zope2 versions that were packaged for Debian, namely Zope2.10 and Zope2.11, are long obsoleted. With Zope2.12, the build system changed fundamentally. Unfortunately, the new Zope2 build system, built on Python Buildout, is not very friendly to packagers.

That's the reason, why no attempt to package Zope2.12 for the Debian distribution was successful so far. Yet, some developers and users, among them Michael Mulich, Gael Le Mignot and I, have strong interest in Debian Zope2 packages.

Thus we're planned an IRC meeting to discuss the details of prospective Zope2 Debian packages, and to join the efforts of packaging Zope2.12+ for Debian.

Outcome of the meeting

Here is a brief outcome of the meeting : Zope2IrcMeetingOutcome


Below is a first list of topics that should be discussed at the meeting. Feel free to extend the list.

Looking forward to the IRC meeting (?JonasMeurer)