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Hello Zikzag, I have noticed your multiple contribution to this wiki, thanks for that. I'm am pretty sure that German users will appreciate (others too).

I had comments regarding your contributions/goals:

-- FranklinPiat 2009-02-08 14:50:26

Hallo FranklinPiat,

@"I want a better documentation of Debian and Debian software in this wiki".

I'm especially talking about this wiki here. If you compare the German section of this wiki here to


then what you can find here is pretty poor. I think Debian should have a similiar wiki, too, although most Debian users are more experienced than Ubuntu users and don't need that much help. There is already good help on the net like


but that's not a wiki and therefore it is not easy to contribute to it. Also it has a strict structure.

I already realized the problem, that we also have a documentation for each package at packages.debian.org and a readme file, that comes with the package and so forth. So we'd actually be duplicating that here in the wiki.

"The right place for documenting a software is with the package"

So my question is: What do we want to do at the Wiki ?

It would be nice if there was a function, that could automatically load a package's description into a wiki page. We could then write further information around it.

Is there a mailing list or a communication area for the wiki ?

"If you can write perl, you might want to help improving packages.debian.org"

I probably could, I have been writing PHP for years.

Best wishes from Germany

--- Zikzag, 2009-02-08 16:54

Sikzad said

That's a good question. I could list what is not appropriate (DebianWiki/Content), but I don't want to list the other way around.

I wish that some day, Debian (and free software in general) will find an easy way (à la wiki), to contribute improvements to documentations (There was some talks to publish READMEs in packages.d.o, in a wiki like tools, but it hasn't happened yet)...

If you have some ideas, I (and others) would be glad read/see it.

I would rather see it the other way around (i.e make the content of the wiki page available in p.d.o), IMO.

The mailing list for the wiki is debian-www.

wiki.debian.org & packages.debian.org

We could add an option to packages.debian.org that makes it possible for the maintainer of the package to choose the beginning of a wiki article or defined paragraphs as description for the package and then add the option "Read more ..." that links to the whole wiki article. We would then only have to create the article and copy the descriptions to the wiki (of course not for all packages, but for the most important ones).

We could also add a link to the wiki article dealing with the package in the "links" sidebar, also if no wiki introduction has been chosen for the package. Or we could even add a list of some relevant articles....

We could add a feature to the wiki, which makes it possible for maintainers of the package to confirm changes to the article before they can be moved from a draft article to the article itself.

I think deleting articles like "Krusader" is a nogo. If we act this way we will never be able to write a complete wiki and editors will be affronted.

Thanks a lot. -- Zikzag, 2009-02-10 14:50:00



It seems that you (like every one) want to publish some software documentation, which is a very good idea. However, that documentation already exists, in the package.

Rewriting the documentation isn't very useful (it's just a duplication of the work). The best thing would be to publish existing documentation online (available from packages.debian.org). I know that there are some plans to add http://screenshots.debian.net. http://manpages.debian.net could be added too.

As far as I am concerned, I am planning to work on some kind of wiki to edit README files (see DiscussionsAfterLenny).

Any help is welcome.

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