When using the OFTC IRC network to interact with other Debian project members, developers, contributors and users, it is often useful to be able to keep a permanent connection to the network.

ZNC is an advanced IRC bouncer that can establish such a permanent connection to several IRC networks and channels so your IRC client (or multiple clients) can disconnect/reconnect without losing the chat session, while appearing as a single user to other users.

Once installed ZNC can be configured via its web interface or via IRC commands.

The default install includes SSL setup for secure web access, using a self-signed certificate.

Installing ZNC in Debian

ZNC is packaged for Debian so installation can be achieved by installing the znc package:

 sudo apt install znc

Once installed, you will need to generate an initial configuration:

 znc --makeconf

This will ask several questions, here are a few suggested answers:

Once you've finished initial configuration, access the web interface and explore the available modules. There are global and per-network modules that can be enabled.

SSL configuration with Let's Encrypt

See the ZNC documentation for information on Let's Encrypt SSL certificates setup.

Global and per-network configuration

Here are a few useful modules when using the OFTC network

A few more post-install recommended steps: