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{{attachment:face.png|at Open Source Conference 2012 Kansai@Kyoto, Japan|width=240 height=240}} {{attachment:face.png|at Open Source Conference 2012 Kansai@Kyoto, Japan|width=120 height=120}}

Hi, welcome to my page at Debian Wiki.

My name is Youhei SASAKI, "佐々木 洋平" in Japanese. see my Web Site.

at Open Source Conference 2012 Kansai@Kyoto, Japan

If you'd like to contact me, please send a mail to <uwabami AT gfd-dennou DOT org>.

My public GnuPG key for signing is here, see GPG pathfinder status: 891D7E07


  • Imporve library for scientific computing in Ruby. I'm a member of Teams/Ruby

  • pTeX - wind up the affairs: Debian's TeXLive (>= 2012) provides pTeX sufficient new. Thus we should drop old (teTeX) packages, or create migration path.

  • ...