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X Resources

X Resources are part of X Server architecture. It can be used to :


Reference manual:

The X Window System (Chapter 7) Classic X Clients

Basic infos

You will need xrdb to load parameters from your configuration files during your X Session.


~/.Xresources and ~/.Xresources.d


Simple color theme

This color theme will be used by terminals, such as xterm and urxvt.

Commented lines begin with '!'.

! Color theme to be placed in ~/.Xresources file
! Enable it at runtime with :
! $ xrdb ~/.Xresources
! or
! $ cat ~/.Xresources | xrdb

 *background: #000000
 *foreground: #ffffff
 *color0:     #000000
 *color1:     #d36265
 *color2:     #aece91
 *color3:     #e7e18c
 *color4:     #7a7ab0
 *color5:     #963c59
 *color6:     #418179
 *color7:     #bebebe
 *color8:     #666666
 *color9:     #ef8171
 *color10:    #e5f779
 *color11:    #fff796
 *color12:    #4186be
 *color13:    #ef9ebe
 *color14:    #71bebe
 *color15:    #ffffff


i3 has a way to retrieve color values from Xresources. This gives a practical way to share same colors between your terminals and your window manager.


Note: rgb:ff/ff/ff notations in Xresources don't seem to be correctly imported in i3.