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(!) Discussion X Window System support for Debian operating systems

The Debian X Strike Force is a team responsible for maintaining packages for the X Window System in Debian.

This site has moved!

There's an ongoing effort to consolidate the available documentation, and ship it to users. The resulting documentation lives at

Cyril Brulebois will occasionally post updates to his blog, which is syndicated on Planet Debian. That can help provide a bird's eye view of what we're up to for the casual observer.

How to Contact Us

The mailing list is located at . The archives for it are at Most of our communication happens via these resources, as well as the bug tracking system (all bugs against the X Strike Force packages are mailed to the mailing list).

We also have an irc channel on OFTC (which points to) in #debian-x.

Current Status

A round of BTS cleaning/triaging has been done in 2007 - early 2008 (Current status). Some work is still needed on a regular basis, though.

Who we are