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 If you use a [["USB"]] mouse use this ["USBMouseConfig"].  If you use a ["USB"] mouse use this ["USBMouseConfig"].
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 See: [["fbdev"]]  See: ["fbdev"].

DebConf configuration.

  ["XFree86"] and ["XFreeFour"] can both be configured in Debian (woody+) using debconf. This is done when the package is installed, but can be re-run any time by executing::

    $ dpkg-reconfigure <package-name>

  where '<package-name>' is the name of the xserver. Use 'xserver-xfree86' for ["XFreeFour"], and 'xserver-<type>' for ["XFree86"]. Editing your /etc/X11/   config file is only necessary if you have some special needs or are particularly curious. If you must...

["XFree86"] Configuration

  ["XFree86"] may be configured by editing the file /etc/X11/["XF86Config"].

Version 4.0

  ["XFreeFour"] uses /etc/X11/["XF86Config"]-4

 If you use ["XFreeFour"] try the command "!["XFree86"] -configure".

 If you use a ["USB"] mouse use this ["USBMouseConfig"].

 If you use gpm use this ["GPMMouseConfig"] .

 See: ["fbdev"].


 If you're using ["XFreeFour"] DirectRendering is easy to do.

 If you're not...