X32 Port

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X32 is an ABI for amd64/x86_64 CPUs using 32-bit pointers. The idea is to combine the larger register set of x86_64 with the smaller memory and cache footprint resulting from 32-bit pointers.

Getting Started

Before you can run X32 binaries, you will need to install a kernel with the appropriate support. This means a kernel of version 3.4.0 or later, configured with CONFIG_X86_X32=y. Currently, none of the kernel packages in the Debian archive have this support. If you want to use a prebuilt kernel, you can download packages from

Once you're running a kernel with X32 support, you can create a chroot to start experimenting with:

debootstrap --arch=x32 --components=main,byhand,partial \
 --keyring=`pwd`/archive.pub \
 sid /root/x32-chroot/

Bug Reports

I am currently using the usertag user debian-x32@lists.debian.org for all X32-related bug reports. (I've requested such a mailing list, but it hasn't been created yet.) Some of the tags I'm currently using, or may use in the near future, include:

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