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The WW GNU/Linux Video Conference/Programming-Event

Featuring GPL SW & Community Distros

Upcoming Events :

About the Conference:

Hopefully, this will grow to become a weekly education, research, and development event.

The main goal is to assist in generating & spreading knowledge about useful software, in order to help people create more such useful software.

Each week, we will focus on one particular piece or set of software:

There will be videonetcast talks (maybe 2 to 8 hours) about that software (by it's leading developers, or someone else well qualified to describe the existing architecture, features, bugs, and anticipated improvements).

There will be live Q&A from around the world, involving the listeners & the speakers.

Then world wide collaborative interaction, involving Discussing, Designing, Programming, Debuging, and Arting. Generating both incremental & major version improvements.

The goals are:



Past Events:

Come to the Bay Area Debian Meeting, in person or online, Wed 11/12 6+PM

IRC clients:

Some Notes from this meeting: IRC clients: bitchX, ?KVirc Xchat and konversation irssi-text kopete which is a KDE IM program with an IRC plugin.

Kvirc 3 is the best irc client for linux. It uses QT and thus blends fairly seamlessly into your kde environment. Forget about xchat. It is crap. Kvirc 2 is in unstable and it is ok, but you really should try to install kvirc 3 as it has a lot of nice features. Homepage is here: CVS snapshot debs are here: I have had various problems with those though, so I always compile my own version from cvs sources.

What are the best windowed IRC clients, and which are apt-get'able? Oh - the KVIRC reply is here:

IRC stuff irssi's the only way to go. Period., irssi-text and irssi-snapshot in Debian. Failing that, xchat is nice eye candy. ScrollZ is ?ircII-based

Instant Messaging clients:

gaim - an AOL IM client for gnome

Wifi 802.11 stuff to do:

set up a laptop as an AP. Also, get the laptop connected to the AP on the internet. Bridging.

Server stuff to do:

Also, get an IRC server running on the laptop.

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