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   * Candidate date for DebianEdu session. See DebianEduExtremadura2006

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The good people of one of the larger Debian deployments in the world (80k+ debian boxes) have generously offered to host a number of work meetings for Debian during 2006.


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  • Candidate date for DebianEdu session. See ?DebianEduExtremadura2006

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  • September 6-10.
    • maybe a slot for a Debian-i18n meeting. Goal: work on a better infrastructure for general i18n and l10n. Revive the DDTP (Debian (Packages) Description Translation Project). See ?WorkSessionExtremadura2006i18n

  • December 13-17.

Organizational Stuff

Local contacts

  • Dario Rapisardi, <dario at rapisardi dot org>, ES

  • César Gómez Martín, <cesar.gomez at gmail dot com> <cesar.gomez at juntaextremadura dot net>, Cáceres, ES


The Extremadura region (do not confuse with the Estremadura region of Portugal) is an administrative region of Spain, located in the South-western part of the country.

It is made of the two provinces of Badajoz and Cáceres.

The worksessions can be held at two different places:

General Debian contact

General organisational questions and initial interface with local contacts: Andreas Schuldei <andreas@debian.org>


The Junta de Extremadura can fund up to 20 people, preferrably european attendees. The lodging strictly limits the number of people to 20, though.

Transport will probably be arranged from the Madrid airport.