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FIXME general organisational questions: Andreas Schuldei <andreas@debian.org>


The good people of one of the larger Debian deployments in the world (80k+ debian boxes) have generously offered to host a number of work meetings for Debian during 2006.

(for the various FIXME see below)


  • January 18-22.
    • The DebianInstaller team is considering a work session about "g-i", the Debian graphical installer. See ?DebianInstallerWorkSessionExtremadura2006jan

  • March 22-26.
  • April 19-23.
  • June 7-11.
  • September 6-10.
    • maybe a slot for a Debian-i18n meeting. Goal: work on a better infrastructure for general i18n and l10n. Revive the DDTP (Debian (Packages) Description Translation Project). See ?WorkSessionExtremadura2006i18n

  • December 13-17.


The Extremadura region (do not confuse with the Estremadura region of Portugal) is an administrative region of Spain, located in the South-western part of the country.

It is made of the two provinces of Badajoz and Cáceres.

The worksessions are in the FIXME building at FIXME road FIXME


general organisational questions: Andreas Schuldei <andreas@debian.org>



several railroads or ...



From North take motorway A65FIXME


Nearest Airport is Madrid.

More info

More information is available at ...

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