The good people of one of the larger Debian deployments in the world (80k+ debian boxes), The "Junta de Extremadura" offered to host a number of work meetings for Debian during 2006. They are willing to host 3 meetings more this year. Read:

See generic info about these meetings at WorkSessionsExtremadura


Some travel information

(might not be the best place, but I found no better one yet - put this info to any better place you can find if you wish)

For the meeting in october, there's an info on how we get from the airport in MAdrif to Merida:

Quoting Cesar:

"Hi Henning, sorry for the delay. Finally there will be two taxi cabs, the first will leave at 14:30 and the other one will leave at 20:30. I will go to Madrid with my own car too, in case of problems I can drive some people to Mérida.

Of course, the taxis are already paid :) "

Teams wanting to meet

We can merge small groups, so don't hesitate to add your team here if you're interested.