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What is is about:

Wmii (Window Manager Improved) is a « tiling WM » : a window manager which automagically places windows without overlapping. This is done with a view to them covering as large a surface as possible. Further, to allow you to efficiently organise your desktop screen, you can navigate it using the keyboard only.


If you don't have xorg installed, you should install it before :

aptitude install xserver-xorg xterm xinit

For wmii, you need the package :

aptitude install wmii



When we don't know tiling, it's not realy easy to begin with it. We have to learn hotkeys to launch programs and deplace or resize windows. By default, the "Mod" touch is Alt. See the "Configuration" part of this page to change it, if you need. The hotkeys to learn at beginning are :


By default, only one column is used by the desktop. It's possible to use several columns with h and l :

Columns are created automatically, in fonction of your placements of the windows. You can make them bigger or smaller, clicking beetween two columns.


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