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About the recent change https://wiki.debian.org/Wine?action=diff&rev2=45&rev1=44

(I'll point its author to this here, jre):

1. "Wine on a 64-bit architecture - Windows x64 bit, Wine on a 32-bit architecture - Windows x32 bit"

2. "Wine and Wine-Development needs to be installed for best results (choose the correct version for the correct arch)"

3. [Detailed, specific installation instructions]

The old instructions "apt install wine" and/or "apt install wine-development" give exactly the right result, as long as step 1 has been done correctly. The only difference is that the new detailed commands will fail if multiarch hasn't been enabled, while the simple command will still succeed.

My suggestion would be to revert the complete change, and then maybe add a few improvements to the old version. E.g. an explicit hint in step 2 that step 1 has to be done for it to work correctly. If this is really necessary. Feedback both from the change's author and other wiki editors is very welcome!

About citing wine-development package

I think it should be removed. It is available in Buster and Sid. The version in Sid is even older than wine itself. (7.22~repack-2 versus 8.0~repack-4)