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  * GNOME equivalent: DebianPkg:totem {*} (or DebianPkg:vlc, Debian:smplayer)   * GNOME equivalent: DebianPkg:totem {*} (or DebianPkg:vlc, DebianPackage:smplayer)

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Packages in Debian with equivalent functionality to popular Windows software. See installing and removing packages.

  • Network - Network/Internet applications (e.g. web browsers, chat)

  • Office - Office applications (e.g. word processing, spreadsheets)

  • Utility - Small utility applications (e.g. archive, screenshot)

  • Audio - Audio applications (e.g. music players, cd ripping)

  • Video - Video playback and editing

  • Game - Games!

  • Graphics - Image viewing and editing

  • System - System applications and tools

  • Development - Development applications (e.g. editors, compilers)

  • Education - Educational software

Note: The programs with the icon {*} are installed by default.


  • Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome)

  • Chat (Yahoo Messenger, AIM, IRC, etc.)

  • IRC Chat (mIRC, HyrdaIRC)

  • Phone / VoIP (Skype)

  • E-mail Client (Outlook, Thunderbird)

  • eDonkey Client (emule)

  • BitTorrent Client (uTorrent, Vuze)

  • HTTP Download Manager (Internet Download Manager)

    • GNOME equivalent: uget

    • Equivalent: wget {*}

  • Newsreader (Forté Agent, NewsLeecher)

    • GNOME equivalent: pan


  • Office Suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.)

  • Office Database (Microsoft Access)

  • PDF Viewer (Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader)

  • PDF Generator / Virtual Printer (Adobe Acrobat DC, PDFCreator)

  • Scanning Utility (Windows Fax and Scan)

  • Comic Book Database Software (Collectorz.com Comic Collector)



  • Music Library (Windows Media Player, iTunes)

  • CD Ripping (Easy CD-DA Extractor, Windows Media Player, Cdex)

  • Audio CD Burning (Windows Media Player, Nero)

  • Peer-to-Peer Music Sharing (BearShare, Soulseek)

  • Playlist and Tag Editor (Mp3tag, DioneSS Playlist Editor)


  • DVD/DivX Movie player (Windows Media Player, Quicktime)

  • Video Editing (Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas)



  • Picture Viewer (ACDSee, Picassa, Windows Photo Viewer, IrfanView, XnView)

  • Image Manipulation (Adobe Photoshop, Paint.NET)

  • Vector Graphics Editor (Adobe Illustrator)

  • Simple Image Editor (Microsoft Paint)

  • Drawing and Painting (Autodesk Sketchbook)

  • Scrapbook (PhotoOne Print)

  • Image Enhancing (Extensis Intellihance Pro, Imagic Photo Enhancer)

  • 3D Modeling (Autodesk Maya/3DSMax)


  • Drive Encryption (BitLocker, TrueCrypt, Privacy Drive)

  • Directory Encryption (EFS, Folder Security Personal)

  • Disk De-fragmentation (Diskeeper, Disk Defragmenter)

    • De-fragmenting is not needed, because the Debian default filesystem (ext4) is capable of placing files to avoid fragmentation automatically.
  • Backup (Windows Backup, Acronis True Image)

  • Time Synchronize (Atomic Time Synchronizer)

    • Equivalent: ntp

  • Disk Recovery (IsoBuster, Recuva)

  • Partition Manager (Windows Partition Manager)

  • System Cleaning (CCleaner, Glary Utilities)

  • Disk Usage (WinDirStat)

  • Task Manager (Task Manager, Ctrl+Alt+Del)


  • C++ Compiler (Visual C++ Compiler)

    • Equivalent: g++


  • Dictionary (Advanced English Dictionary, Ultimate Dictionary, WordWeb)

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