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#language en
##For Translators - to have a constantly up to date translation header in you page, you can just add a line like the following (with the comment's character at the start of the line removed)
~-[[DebianWiki/EditorGuide#translation|Translation(s)]]: English - [[es/WikiTag|español]] - [[pt_BR/WikiTag|Português (Brasil)]] - [[uk/WikiTag|Українська]]-~
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## Many editors actually write "FixMe" in their page (not knowing about WikiTags).
## advocating the use of "Category FixMe" would be tedious... they wouldn't be as
## explicit to wiki-readers too.
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The following categories also contain pages that need work

 * CategoryObsolete
 * CategoryRedundant

Translation(s): English - español - Português (Brasil) - Українська

A tag is a WikiName that has special meaning to the community. It is used to group pages, by searching for the tag and seeing all the pages that have it. Under MoinMoin wiki, one should use Categories.

Currently used wiki tags:

  • FixMe - Here is something that needs to be fixed.

  • ToDo - Here is something that needs help to finish.

  • CleanMe - WikiTag related about last migration from Kwiki engine to current MoinMoin engine

The following categories also contain pages that need work