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Meta discussions about this Wiki itself. Not about Wiki in general...try ?WikiNature for that.

?WikiPromotion and ?DebianWikiEngine are new threads regarding promotion and "official"ness of the Wiki and this DebianWiki engine.

Stupid question, where to add, top or bottom ? ( i will do on top)

Translation Pages Managing

A smart way of managing transaltions should be used. The main problem for now is, i think, to determinate a stanadrd for naming that pages, like for example

  <language-identifier><page title in language> (1)


  <language-identifier><page title in english> (2)

the second has the advantage that given a page and a language there is a unique name for its translation, but on the other hand it requires to know the english title of the page, it could be good to have this corrispndence, and a good idea would be to follow this rule:

  if i generate a page in my language, that page must exist (even if empty) in English. (3)

I noticed that most of pages follow the rule, that is functionally equivalent to (2):

 <page title in englis><language> (4)

but somene have simply the name made by the english title translated in their language.

In conclusion i think that:

  1. The format (4) should became a standard
  2. The rule (3) should become a standard too


There are already discussions about the wiki engine to use on this page, ?DebianWikiEngine, and ?DebianUserDiscussion, as recommended by DebianUser. It sounds like we could use a clarification on this. --chealer

?WikiPromotion and ?DebianWikiEngine were pages that "spun-off" of this page. Are you seeking clarification on those issues, or on the meta nature of which pages do what? --MichaelIvey

Which page is appropriate for discussing the wiki engine to use on this wiki? This page, ?DebianWikiEngine or ?DebianUserDiscussion? --chealer

?DebianWikiEngine, although it would not be inappropriate on ?DebianUserDiscussion. However, I don't anticipate changing engines any time soon. --MichaelIvey

Use of DebianLogo

As stated here : http://www.debian.org/logos/

it would be nice to have an hyperlink to www.debian.org associated with the logo used on the wiki pages (up/left)

What about charactersets and encoding?

Is there a chance that this wiki will use UTF-8 and put the line::

 <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset="UTF-8">

in the head of each page? After all, this is a multilingual wiki.

Another thing .. how can we make it easier on translators? I have yet failed to come up with a real good idea, but I know when I go to some websites, they show in danish ?AutoMagicly. It would also be nice, if you can check which version of the english document the translation was created against - that could be done manually of course, but maybe it could be automated also? (Eg. "this translation is (7 versions) behind the english page"). -- ["Dabian"] .

I'm not having any luck finding where the width of the text is being set, but I get more words per line using lynx on a virtual terminal than I do in the browser. Does the site seem too narrow to others? Any way to modify that to be a little wider? -- JacobAnawalt

Have others looked at and considered the Faq-O-Matic?


It has some nice features: categories (think package for major category and release for minor categories); static links; bags for non-text data; pre-generating html to reduce server load (maybe kwiki does that too, I forget.); maintainers who can be emailed on-change.

I like the wiki concept. The low barrier to editing is a good thing. It can be fun to just wander from topic to topic reading at leasure. I often wandered through encylopedias in the same way when I was suppose to be researching for a report.

When I'm in a hurry to find an answer though, getting lost in the Wiki or wading through [http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?action=search&search=%s a list of all the pages] or even searching can be a frustrating experiance.

The Faq-O-Matic would be my last choice for a ?WikiWay wiki, but as a FAQ engine it seems like it would do a pretty top-notch job.

I plan on adding FAQ info to this wiki and including links to the answers when I see people asking questions, and I guess we'll all see how it scales. Maybe at some point it would be good to run ["KWiki"] and Faq-O-Matic side-by-side. -- JacobAnawalt

?EeliKaikkonen 2004-02-21: I just found out that the current wiki makes illegal html syntax, checked with w3.org validator. Konqueror cannot display the EDIT button, and you can guess if I was confused at first... Now I use Mozilla with this. The wiki implementation should really make good html.