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I'm working on [http://bugs.debian.org/402289 #402289] I'm working on [[http://bugs.debian.org/402289|#402289]]

Bug Interwiki

I see that users refer to bugs using [http://bugs.debian.org/402289 #402289]. These links are easy to mistype, and will break if the bug system url will change. Also, if you want one day to replace all bug from "#n" to "bug N", you have to search and replace the whole wiki.

A better solution is to add this interwiki to the wiki intermap.txt:

Bug http://bugs.debian.org/

Then you can link to bug using this syntax:

I'm working on Bug:402289

I'm working on 402289

Bug macro

There is a Bug macro in MacroMarket/Bug.

Using the bug macro is little more involved, but it render nicer links with better title and link text:

I'm working on [[Bug(402289)]]

I'm working on #402289