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Page structure

I suggest that there could be a separate section for hardware and the Install Driver section being kept for software. At the moment all the information on this page seems to refer to cards using the ?MadWiFi software (including the need for module-assistant). So I would suggest under Install Driver there would be two sections (at present), one for ?MadWiFi and one for BCM43xx. Similarly the hardware section could be divided into devices using the Atheros chipset and devices using the Broadcom chipsets.

I think it would be a good idea if the BCM43xx information was included here rather than being on a separate page.

-- ["John Talbut"] ?DateTime(2007-12-16T09:32:17Z)


Yes, it's the natural way of a portal. When it's grow up and become too big, We can create sub portal. At this moment, I think SystemAdministration and ["Network"] are more urgent to fragment. WiFi portal is not enough too big at this moment;


-- SalokineTerata ?DateTime(2007-12-16T14:22:12Z)