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This is a collection of organizations that use Debian GNU/Linux

The current listing of users and organizations: http://www.debian.org/users/

The Who's Using Debian page is filled with many stale entries that need to be removed in order to keep the listing both relevant and current. Towards that goal we are going to undertake an audit of the current list.

We could also use this opportunity to request other types of information or larger entries in the forms of testimonials for use in other areas of Debian outreach.

There have also been a few suggestions to allow entries to be entered in the submitters native language in addition to the mandatory EN version.

Proposed workflow

  1. List - Queue batch of user/com/edu entries to query.
  2. Email - Send an email to the original submitter listed in the entry comments.
    • Second email request is sent in 2 weeks.
  3. Bounce - See comments section below. 4a. Reply in less than 4 weeks (30 days) - Update or rewrite entry. 4b. No Reply in 30 days - Remove the entry.


Bounced emails

We certainly can attempt a second email delivery by looking for a valid contact email address using WHOIS or, if applicable, from the website contact-us page. The concern is how much effort do we want to put into finding someone and how will those entries be queued?

Another approach is that on an email bounce, we immediately delete the entry as what we are after is current contact information in the comment section and current information on the entry page.

Period of time between the emails

Day 1 is the day of the first email. 14 days from that date (two weeks) a second email should be sent with second request in the subject line. On the 30th day (4th week approx) without reply, the entry is deleted. Over a period of time this should grant us a current “Who's Using Debian” listing.


If possible, use smart_change.pl script to update the entry, in order to keep translations updated too. More info in https://www.debian.org/devel/website/working

We will need to remove the l10n translations at the same time as the original entry. Any hint in how to do that in an automated way?

Extra information

Some ideas about extra, additional, or new information that we would like to obtain as we audit and seed a fresh listing

  • "Date of submission". This can help readers to realize that the list is quite up to date, and to us to just send the update-request mail to the old submissions, for example.
    • At least, include a comment in the wml file with the date of submission. This way we could avoid sending the email for updating the request depending on the date of submission.
  • We can also inform submitters that the EN version is mandatory, however they are able and welcome to submit the entry in their own language at the time of submission.

Other notes

We do not want the entries to be too long, should we explicitly state a character limit? Is there a limit that needs to be defined?

  • LArjona: Yes, IMHO. I would say "200 words max"

Take into account that a testimonials page may conflict with other types of how contributors to Debian are handled and advertised (donors, for example).

  • Idea: Publish in the social networks a line (pump.io note, GNU Social/Twitter microblog) about each new/updated Debian users? Proposed format: "New Debian users: name - [link]". Or gather those lines for the next DPN.

- - -

Proposed Email

Subject: Who's using Debian entry: NAMEOFUSER

Dear Debian user,

We are in the process of updating the “Who's using Debian?” web page[1] on which you have an entry[2].

Please let us know if the information posted is still relevant or if there have been any changes in your use of Debian, so that we may update your informational entry accordingly.

If we do not receive a response within the next 30 days, we will remove your entry as we move to keep the listing current. If this happens and later you want to be included in the list of "Who uses Debian", follow the instructions[3].

We eagerly await your response.

Donald Norwood, from the Webmaster Team




Team Contributors

The team and effort are being led by Laura Arjona, Donald Norwood, and Kåre Thor Olsen.

We welcome interested parties and suggestions: contact members of the team, edit this page, or submit comments against bug #766923.