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Here is a kind of desk office of the Debian project. While the website is the collection of all our resources, you will find here the basic information to get started and understanding what kind of relationship you can establish with us according to your profile.
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== What is Debian's job ==

Always remember that the Debian Project is managed by volunteers. Their purpose is to provide users with using a full free software operating system on their computer. We then work as a typical dealer, but:

* all we distribute is free-paid and free-license;
* our criterai to distribute something is only if someone can handle it, and if it is free software.

For this, our members identify any interesting free software for you, take the source, and arrange it (or them) to enable you to use it/them directly. Hence te term "distribution", we distribute software we do not do ourselves.

Our missions are then:

* identifying the interesting software for users;
* importing them in Debian to make them available for users through packages;
* elaborting tools to make easier the installation of these packages;
* helping these software to be known, through our packages and our general publicity.

== Our values ==

As a non-pforit project, we do not have some general use or trade conditions. However, you should agree with our values.

Choosing Debin, you choose to be part of a [[http://www.debian.org/social_contract|Social Contract]].

The programs you use in Debian and which are supported officially by our project are Debian free software guidelines (DFSG-compliant), as an appendix of this contract.

== Contact ==

Altough we provide here the needed info to get started, then to go futher, you may wish talking to a human person. As an international project, our distribution has not speech support. But you can chat with us.

The channel exists to attend to people looking for directions, and potentially recruit new greeters.

 * [[irc://irc.oftc.net/#debian-welcome|#debian-welcome]]

It is a safe space where any question can be asked.

It is a a place where questions are not necessarily answered in full, but are at least answered with an actionable item, so that one that is lost comes out with a thing to do in the right direction.

In order to save time and resources, try to avoid long digressions in the channel, and to make sure that we have adequate documentation. An invitation to discover/help/document or a personal story can be more useful and empowering than a long explanation.

The idea is to be the guides at the tourist information office, not the guides that lead people in tours. For tours, it depends on each team or your own way to learn discovering a world.

== Help us ==

Debian-welcome is the dek office for users. We appreciate any help from anyone. Our pupose it so improve the resources to map the new arrivals, to make easier the coming in Debian via the dialog with all the project teams, hence the importance to know the basis of the Debian ecosystem.

Now, choose if you want to use or make part of the project.

Translation(s): English - Español - Français - Italiano

Welcome to Debian

This space is maintained by the Welcome Team, a group of current Debian users and developers wanting to help other aspiring or beginner Debian users and contributors.

I want to use Debian

Go to Welcome/Users.

I want to contribute to Debian

Go to Welcome/Contributors.

In a hurry? Check How can I help Debian?

Talks and Meetings