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Hello xxxxx,

Welcome to Debian!

I'm <MYNAME> and I'm member of the Debian Welcome Team. I'd like to welcome you to Debian. Thanks for using it and thanks for deciding to contribute in some way!

If you want to help, but you are not sure about what to do, you can reply to this email with the phrase "Tell me more" and we'll go from there.

I'm pinging you because you just made an account in Alioth, the place where many of the Debian teams store their work. 
We also use Alioth as our authentication system: having an account here will open many Debian doors for you! 
Having an account in Alioth will give you many advantages in the Debian community:
* You can join a Debian team (link to <projects> in Alioth or list of teams in
* You can register yourself to attend a Debian conference (appropiate link)
* Your contributions can be shown (and thanked!) in our hall of fame
* After contributing actively for some time, you can apply for full membership in Debian (right to vote, upload packages...) (link to )
* And more! (ask me)

Here are a few links that I've found useful to keep on hand:

* Ways to help <link to >
* The Teams wiki page <link to >
* Some wiki page with tasks for newbies?
* IRC channels #debian-welcome and  #debian-women (I usually hang out there, and many other nice people, too, who can help you figure out how to contribute with your skills)

If you already have a clear idea about the team or area in Debian where you want to contribute, just go ahead, and don't hesitate to contact me if you get stuck or have any questions. I cannot know everything in Debian, but I can probably find the correct person or team who to ask, or give you some hints about how to find your way.

I hope you find this letter is helpful and I hope you enjoy being a part of Debian as much as I do.

FIXME: (if you're curious how this welcoming thing works read [$this] wiki page)

I'm a real person and Debian contributor, have a look to learn more about me:<MYNAME>


If someone is lost, these could be things to write in a reply:

If you'd like some direction in where to contribute next in Debian, I hope you'll reply with a brief answer (one sentence is OK!) to the following questions: * What do you know about Debian? * What do you like about the project? * What do you want to learn?