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Welcome to Debian

This space is maintained by the Welcome Team, a group of current Debian users and developers wanting to help other aspiring or beginner Debian contributors.

Start contributing to Debian

Questions? Ask online, on IRC

The Welcome team members can be found online on IRC (Internet Relay Chat):

Where can I contribute?

There are many opportunities to contribute to Debian. Here are a few:

First steps: Register to the Alioth system

Warning: Debian is currently moving from Alioth to another collaboration platform, and Alioth registrations are disabled in this moment. The information below is kept here for archive purposes. If you already had an Alioth account, you can keep using it (just not create new projects, that feature is also disabled), and it can still be used to authenticate yourself in other services as Debian SSO and (see below).

When contributing in any way to the Debian project, you will need to login and access different resources and it's often valuable that others are aware of your work (on the Debian contributors list).

Registration on Alioth has several important benefits, including enabling easier authentication to such resources and automatic tracking and sharing of your activity. There is no specific initial requirement to register.

To register:

  1. Visit the Alioth web site and use the !New Account link at the top right.

  2. Check your email and click on the web link to confirm your account registration.
  3. Login to your new account on Alioth and claim all email addresses used in any Debian contributions you may have participated in (or will): wiki editing, bug reporting, translations, packaging, etc..
  4. Make sure you upload your public SSH keys under My Account > Account Maintenance > Shell Account information > Edit keys. Updating or adding new SSH keys is not done immediately and may take at least one hour.

Your new account <username-guest> will be assigned and an email alias (<>) will be enabled immediately.

You can also visit and login with your Alioth information to get a new certificate and enroll your browser for easier access to Debian resources.