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== Discussion ==
Interested by the use of WebID for the Debian project ? Contact us on : debwebid-discuss@lists.alioth.debian.org (archives : http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debwebid-discuss/).

See also [[http://penta.debconf.org/dc13_schedule/events/979.en.html|recordings of the WebID BoF at Debconf 13]]
See [[WebIDForDebianWebServices]] for a more general description of the use of WebID in Debian.
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See also : ContributorsInformationSources

The webid.debian.net site is an experiment at publishing ?FOAF/WebIDs for Debian contributors.

It is managed by obergix.

See WebIDForDebianWebServices for a more general description of the use of WebID in Debian.


  • offers reference URIs for FOAF profiles for Debian contributors that can be linked from the ?PTS

Using it

 $ curl -s -H "Accept: text/turtle" http://webid.debian.net/maintainers/obergix

This fetches the RDF Turtle document which describes a Semantic Web resource named <http://webid.debian.net/maintainers/obergix#agent> who is a foaf:Person holding a foaf:OnlineAccount (<http://webid.debian.net/maintainers/obergix#account>).

For Debian project members, the FOAF URI is derived from the debian login, as <http://webid.debian.net/maintainers/LOGIN#agent>.

For non-project members, the FOAF URI is derived from an URL-encoded + lowercase email, as <http://webid.debian.net/maintainers/john.smith%40example.com#agent>.



Here are the next things planed :

  • generate the files periodically (the files are updated every day)

  • unify people's various accounts (exploiting the GPG keyring is an option)

Future ideas