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== Text based == == Console ==

Text editors that can be used in a [[TerminalEmulator|terminal emulator]] environment.

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  • A web browser (commonly referred to as a browser) is a software application for accessing information on the World Wide Web. Each individual web page, image, and video is identified by a distinct Uniform Resource Locator (URL), enabling browsers to retrieve these resources from a web server and display them on a user's device.

https://screenshots.debian.net/thumbnail/firefox-esr https://screenshots.debian.net/thumbnail/chromium https://screenshots.debian.net/thumbnail/epiphany-browser https://screenshots.debian.net/thumbnail/qupzilla https://screenshots.debian.net/thumbnail/midori https://screenshots.debian.net/thumbnail/netsurf

There are several web browsers available in Debian, including:

Graphical browsers

  • Firefox - open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation

  • Chromium - open source web browser used as a base Google Chrome

  • Konqueror - the default web browser under KDE

  • GNOME Web - (epiphany-browser package) simple yet powerful GNOME web browser targeted at non-technical users

  • surf - Simple web browser by suckless

  • TorBrowser - Firefox-based Web browser aimed at defending against tracking, surveillance, and censorship.

  • falkon - (formerly qupzilla) lightweight web browser based on Chromium

  • midori - fast, lightweight graphical web browser


Text editors that can be used in a terminal emulator environment.

  • elinks - advanced text-mode WWW browser

  • links - Web browser running in text mode

  • links2 - Web browser running in both graphics and text mode

  • lynx - classic text-mode web browser with support for Gopher, HTTP, FTP, WAIS, and NNTP protocols

  • w3m - WWW browsable pager with excellent tables/frames support

Non-Free browsers

Inactive projects

Default Web Browser

Once you have more than one of them installed, you can select the default one system-wide using:

update-alternatives --config x-www-browser 
update-alternatives --config www-browser 

See also

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