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Taipei(work), and Hualien(home)


My name is Walis Buya, now working as database manager in Taipei. I have cared about the issue of maintaining indigenous people dialects since 2001 when I was in the university. During that time, I got indigenous ethnic language and assistance teacher certificates. To get the language certificate to maintain and promote indigenous people dialects is also the government’s policy, but the deficiencies in this policy are clear. In the end of 2006, I met some friends from the Group of Free Software. They gave me lots of inspiration, especially Arne Götje and Andrew who gave me many directions and assistances to solve the difficulties of this issue. What I have learned from this group is that developing the indigenous ethic language learning software is crucial for to issue. Now, the blueprint of this project becomes more and more clear, and it motivate me to decide to share the Free Software spirit I experienced in the Group of Free Software with people in Truku tribal area and other different indigenous people. I am looking forward seeing the bright future of this project. I am so glad that I have this chance to share these with all of you. Thank you.

我目前在台北從事資料庫管理的工作。從大學開始(2001年),對原住民族語的發展相當關心,用了二年,取得了官方認定的族語證書及二種不同領域之族語支援教師證書。取得這些證書之後,我發現這並不足於對族語發展有根本上的影響與幫助,故嘗試開始用不同的方式,實踐對族語發展的工作。於2006年末,結識了自由軟體社群的朋友之後,我許多的夢想,擁有了更大的能量,而不僅只可以在網頁上得以實現,現在,也已經可以在電腦的系統環境上得以實現。這要非常感謝 Arne Götje 及 Andrew ,不斷地引導與幫忙。緊接著,從2008.05開始,將會帶著Truku語言環境的電腦,除了讓Truku族人瞭解其應用方式之外,也會走訪台灣其他不同的族群,分享給他們。希望,不光只是Truku的語言可以得到長遠的發展,也希望台灣其他的語言,也能夠有同樣的發展空間。很高興,能有這個機會,把台灣在地的文化、語言,分享給各位朋友。謝謝。

The dialect UI infomation of presentation.

The song from this blog:(The singer, his name is Nono, come from Hualien in Taiwan, who is Truku people.)