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The "Unix Wars" Continue Apace

A Vim bigot is someone who understands that an editor is just a tool. As such, a Vim bigot doesn't complain just because their text editor doesn't duplicate the functionality of any other tool at their disposal. Vim bigots laugh at people who run an entire operating system within *nix and call it an editor.

Note that anything that can be done with emacs can be done with a collection of small tools, and vice versa. I use screen, tf, vim, perl and shell programming to do what an EmacsBigot would do with just Emacs. This is neither better nor worse, as long as we both realize our objectives.

emacs: eight megs and constantly swapping

Boy, those were the days when emacs only used 8 megs...

... a Vim bigot is someone who thinks that a Visual Interface to what they're typing is the greatest thing since digital watches ...

Perhaps some VI history, even a little bit of curses, would be appropo?

Contrast with EmacsBigot

Contrast with MS .DOC bigot; aka. the rest of the world!

The more we fight with each other, the more they win. Don't you hear those howls of laughter from Redmond? Both (n)vi(m) and emacs have their place. (n)vi(m) is fast and powerful. emacs is full-featured and powerful. .DOC is ... proprietary, monopolistic, closed, ubiquitous, planned obsolescence, expensive, lousy, insecure, ...

Grab some perspective, both of you.