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Veewee is a tool for easily (and repeatedly) building custom Vagrant base boxes (VirtualBox format), KVMs, and virtual machine images.

Creating a Vanilla Debian7 Vagrant box

Historical (but working...)

Work to create Vanilla Neurodebian boxes has moved to


Install VirtualBox

apt-get install virtualbox linux-headers-amd64

Install Veewee requirements

apt-get install ruby ruby-dev build-essential libxslt1-dev libxml2-dev zlib1g-dev

Install Veewee as a Ruby gem

gem install fog --version 1.8
gem install veewee

Get newer veewee templates for Debian

git clone

cd veewee
veewee vbox templates | grep Debian

Create you own VM definition based on a veewee template

veewee vbox define my-own-box 'Debian-7.1.0-amd64-netboot'

Start building the VM

veewee vbox build 'my-own-box'
# this command is from the offical veewee doku but not yet released
# veewee vbox export debian-710-x64-vbox4118

At this point you will see the VM in VirtualBox and you can use it normally.

Export from VirtualBox to Vagrant Box format:

vagrant package --base my-own-box --output

Using the freshly created box in Vagrant

A gpg signed basebox created with the method documented above is available at (Signed with a debian maintainer keyring)

Add your new Vagrant Base box to your base box list

vagrant box add my-own-box

Start a new Vagrant env using it:

cd /tmp
vagrant init my-own-box
vagrant up